Tis the Season

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This is the season that everyone seems to be worried about presents and lights and get togethers, well almost everyone. It is also the time that more people come to the end of their rope, they feel as if they have no hope and cannot go on. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas more people commit suicide than any other 30 day period of the year.


I am not going to tell you why they do what they do. I am only going to say that the church, those who call themselves believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, the one whose birthday we celebrate on December 25th. And yes I know that He was not born on that day, but He was born. So either be a Pharisee and judge others for celebrating or join in and share the “good news”, the gospel.


Sharing the gospel may be the difference in one person’s life, they may find that hope that they so desperately need in the gospel that you share. But to many will just sit back on their self-made throne and judge others. Not what I would recommend for you to do, but help yourself, maybe you have the gift of criticism.


The Word of God tells us so many times that, “they will know that you are my disciples by your love one for another”. Matthew 5:44 “…Love your enemies… Matthew 22:39 “…love your neighbor as yourself…” “…have love one toward another…” John 13:35 “…And walk in love, as Christ…” Ephesians 5:2 “…Let brotherly love continue…” Hebrews 13:1 “…lets us love one another…” 1 John 4:7.


If you struggle to know what love is all about read 1 Corinthians chapter 13 and you will get some insight. And maybe, just maybe, if we show some love to a lost and dying world, if we truly care for the lost of this world, maybe that will give them some hope and maybe it will be enough to make one person reconsider their view of things and see that they do have hope and that hope is in Jesus Christ. After all He is the one who this season is supposed to be about! Let us celebrate by sharing His love with everyone this Christmas Season!


Merry Christmas!

Pastor John