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Well, today another Islamic terrorist took more innocent lives, this time in London, England. Still the liberals refuse to see what is right in front of their face. Islam is bad, it is evil, it is filled with hate for all countries that are run under democracy. They hate all Christians, they hate all homosexuals, women are property, they do not allow free speech in their countries. They kill, torture, behead, drown, stone anyone who they find not to their liking. Women are put to death because they are raped and report it, daughters are killed because a male family member thinks that they have done something wrong (honor killings). No honor in that at all.


Yet, the liberals are to lame to accept what moslems say about themselves, they chant “death to America,” they gang rape women in countries that have allowed them in. Political correctness will be our death! Everyone does not deserve the same rights! Citizens of a country should be put first before any transient. We are committing suicide by not protecting our borders and our citizens!


But hey, in our country we have people who think that it is their right to redefine marriage, gender, right and wrong, on and on… Marriage since time began in the garden of Eden was one man one woman. But now, thousands of years later we have people who are so self-centered that they want to change it to whoever and whoever. Then don’t forget those who do not even know what gender that they are. Again, for thousands of years it was determined by what parts you came into this world with. Now if you want to be a girl, even though you are a boy, hey you can be whatever you want. WOW! How totally sick is that, because you are mixed up you can be whatever you want? NO! I’m white but I want to be black or I’m black but I want to be white. You are what you were born! Liberal thought is just so off it isn’t funny. Or hey I identify as a woman, even though I was born a male so you want to use the womens restroom? No, that is a pervert friend. How did we get so far off center in my short lifetime? People wanting to please people rather than abiding by God’s rules. By calling evil good, and calling good evil. By allowing a small group of liberal left winger dictate to the rest of us. Time to STOP the INSANITY! You can never please everyone, so stop trying!



Last, our President is Donald Trump! Get over yourselves, get with the program and help fix our broken country. Quit being part of the problem and be part of the solution! Snowflakes, grow up for heavens sake! Quit acting like a five year old, move out of daddy and mommy’s basement, be an adult (if you even know how). The world was not put here to please you! You do not get a trophy for participating in life! You really have to earn it, I know, crazy, huh?! But fact nonetheless.


Time to come together and unite, the moslems are coming sooner than you think and they will kill you. If you are a Christian, a homosexual, a woman, you believe in free speech, they will kill you. Take a look at their countries, do they allow women to speak out? Christians to worship? Homosexuals to live? No, they do not.




Pastor John

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  1. Donald Western

    A fictional short story with undisputable facts.
    Year 2016 a newborn male grows up decided, he is a she though he is born as a he. Decided as an adult to dress a as female, still felt he was not the person he wanted to be. Decided to go with makeup, shoes, feminine walk, hair due and vocabulary. Still was not who he thought he was and decided to mutilate his body. Lives the life and dies.
    Year 2216 a construction crew accidentally digs up a grave. The remains confuse all. DNA test comes back and it was obviously an adult male that had a terrible accident. God rung the bell when we were in the womb and no matter how they try it can’t be unrung.

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