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A Huge Problem: Russell Moore


As I have been saying in these articles, Russell Moore does not speak for the conservatives in the SBC. He is a problem that seems to not want to go away. Many of the millennials that are now in the pastorate follow his every move. He and they are more politically correct than any other generation of preachers that the SBC put out.

Let’s continue with what are problems with Russell Moore. He said that he would attend a same sex wedding reception, has dialogued with homosexual activists (while marginalizing a conservative ministry that reaches out to those struggling with homosexuality) and baselessly repudiated a straw-man caricature of reparative therapy.

The Wall Street Journal noted that at an October 2014 ERLC conference: “Baptists Strike New Tone on Homosexuality From the Pulpit, in Private,” quoting Moore as saying: “What if you get invited to a same sex wedding ceremony? In that case, I would not attend the wedding. I would attend the reception.” But why, many conservatives wondered, would a Christian refuse to give moral credence to a sinful union, only to turn around at the reception to help the couple “celebrate?”

Only certain political candidates at Christian campuses drew his public opposition, while certain Southern Baptist GOP candidates were left off the invite list of the ERLC presidential candidates forum.

As the Baptist Messenger pointed out: “While Moore stridently opposed Trump’s appearance at Liberty University, he did not object to self-describe socialist Bernie Sanders who spoke there only three months ago (Sanders is pro-abortion and strongly gay marriage.)

This is the kind of actions that are running the SBC to the liberal side of things. You will see over the next few years as the SBC takes a nosedive in membership and moves left of center theologically.

During the 2016 campaign, Moore not only routinely criticized Donald Trump, but also appeared to delight in the provocation.

While regularly criticizing Donald Trump, Moore had little to say about Hillary Clinton, although he did note that he once wanted to marry a woman just like her. All these comments and articles on Trump, conservatives noted, but where are all of Moore’s articles and interviews criticizing corrupt, pro-abortion, pro-LGBT Hillary Clinton? Look for them in vain.

Under Moore’s leadership, the ERLC jumped on board legally to help the Obama Administration bully a New Jersey township into allowing a mosque to be built, despite the township planners’ concerns about lack of details on issues like parking and buffer zones bordering the site’s residential neighborhoods.

One fact that wasn’t stated was that, as Jihad Watch director and Islamic expert Robert Spencer has noted, four commissioned studies thus far have shown that “80 percent of all American mosques are teaching jihad, Islamic supremacism and hatred and contempt for Jews and Christians.”

This last point is the reason that South Valley Baptist Church has removed itself from the Southern Baptist Convention, we will not be part of a group that either willingly or unknowingly supports an evil cult in its building of a place that will be used to recruit and train persons in the over throw of the United States of America.

I am saddened by our having to leave a group that I have been part of since 1990, but the Word of God is true and we must do what is inconvenient to keep following the one True God.

Much of the facts of this article come from are sole responsibility of the articles author(s), or of the person(s) or organization(s) quoted therein. With my commentary added into the mix.

Until next time,

Pastor John

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