Galatians 6 Justification by Faith

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Paul says in verse one that if a person be overtaken in a sin, a trespass, or takes a very Biblically wrong direction, you who are spiritual restore them. Restore them, we are not told to destroy them and spiritually scar them that they are damaged beyond repair. People who claim the name of Christ need to be restorers, not destroyers. Our first option should be to help them back to a close relationship with Christ not to damage them more.


It goes on to say that we should do it in a spirit of meekness, considering ourselves – lest we also be tempted. So many times believers are quick to put others in their place without ever removing the telephone from our own eye. We each have sin that we fight against in our own lives. The sin in our life is not less than the one our brother or sister has. Sin is sin in Gods eyes, all equal. We are to help bear the load, the burden, of our fellow believer as best we can (v. 2).


It is when we think that we have arrived or that we say “I would never do that”, that the door is open for the attack of satan. We are only deceiving ourselves and no one else. We are all sinners, some sinners saved by grace and some sinners who have not accepted Christ as Savior. But I must say that we, each and every one of us, have things that we struggle with.




We are to focus on the work that God called us to and not what others are doing or not doing (v. 4). That would be Gods business to take care of, we are to love God with all of our heart, mind, and spirit. Loving the brethren as best we can, being the example that would help them continue on in the spiritual fight. Then we can give God the glory for what He has done through us, we will not need to put others down to make ourselves look good. Our work will speak for itself!


Verse 5 says that “Each of us must bear our own burden”, things that maybe no one else even knows about. That one area where the devil seems to attack us most often. For one it may be lying, for another stealing, evil thoughts, laziness, idolatry and many, many more. We must fight the good fight of faith!


Verse 6 says that we should communicate with them that teach us the correct way, let them know that they are doing well. Tell them that they are being used by God to grow you spiritually. Give them encouraging words as they labor to help you grow closer to Christ. We are to share good things with them. This is a help as they seek to follow and be obedient to Gods Word.


More next time… Have faith and trust God in all ways!

Pastor John