Galatians 5 Justification by Faith

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Joining Paul again in Galatians 5:8, he is answering the question that he asked in verse 7 “who is holding you back from following the truth?” He is telling them that it is not God holding them back, because God is the one that called them to freedom from works. He likens the false teaching to yeast as it leavens the whole lump of flour. A little false doctrine leavens the whole! We must be very sure that what we teach and preach is true in totality.


He adds in verse 10 that he is trusting the Lord to keep them on the straight path and away from false teachings. Also that God will judge that false teacher for his or her false teaching, because false teaching confuses the believers to some degree.


Verse 11 Paul is saying that if he is teaching a works salvation why is he being persecuted? Asking if he were no longer teaching the Cross as The Way of salvation no one would be offended. Saying that would like those who are causing trouble to be cut off (v. 12).


Saying that they have been called to liberty, but that they should not use liberty as a reason to sin (v. 13). We see this today when so many want things to be politically correct. Even in the church there are people who have sold out for the PC agenda. Christ never did that nor does He want His people to do that. We are to be salt and light, not compromise and collusion. Liberals have done their best to ruin what many gave their lives for, God Word is perfect, forever settled in heaven.




The time of 2 Timothy 4 is upon us, sin is still sin, wrong will always be wrong. It does not matter who is offended by Gods Word, preach it true! Light in a dark world is what is supposed to be, not a changing of the standard! We are not saved by works, I don’t care what the cults say, God’s Word is true and totally accurate. You get to heaven by accepting Jesus as your Savior and only by that, nothing else. That is what Paul preached and it should be what every preacher called of God preaches.


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Pastor John