End of the Year 2015

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Just few days of 2015 left, I would invite you to take a look back at 2015 and see what the year was like for Trish and I. We started the year in Idaho, a small little town in Western Idaho, just mile from the Oregon border. The town was full of some pretty amazing people.


I was pastor of the First Baptist Church there. We had many wonderful folks there, a few that were not so wonderful, but that’s everywhere. In our church we had teachers, ranchers, retired folks, hairdressers, business owners, newspaper editor, many had been in the military. Just all around good people.


Well we didn’t have much snow last Winter, not there in Cambridge. We lived in a parsonage, a nice enough place for sure. Made some very good friendships there. The first months of the year were uneventful for sure.


Just doing what a small town pastor does for the most part. Then along about April we were coming back of “down below” and an older fellow came across four lanes and hit us broadside broke the rear wheel right off the axle. Trish had severe whiplash and a concussion. She was in a lot of pain for a couple of months. But she is better now and the GMC is all fixed up also!


Then along about the end of May we were sitting at the kitchen table and I got a call from Nevada, lady said that she was on the pastor search committee, asked if I would consider being their pastor. We prayed about it and God opened the door and I felt it was His will for us to go. We arrived in Nevada on July 2nd.




The church has grown so much faster than I could have imagined. 16 people called us to come be their pastor, we now have 70 to 90 coming to Sunday worship with over 30 new members in the first five months! Of course you know the name of the church, that is where you are reading the blog, from the church website. God is sending so many talented amazing people to SVBC, Trish and I are just amazed at what an awesome God we have! Man, what a talented team He is putting together here. Our goal is to reach out and win the lost, grow believers, love others as we love Jesus!! And watch Him grow His church even more in 2016!!


Thanks for reading the blogs! God bless you and may your New Year be amazing!


See you next year!!

Pastor John