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My blog is about the Conservative Christian and world conditions. We have a really messed up world and now the United States is fallen into that mess also. We have allowed liberals to push their agenda right over us. Why you might ask have we done that. Because we were afraid to stand up for right, we were afraid of being called a racist, a homophobe, and a woman hater and on and on.

Well we have allowed the former President of the United States to take our country in a very bad direction. Barrack Obama was nothing but a liberal who wanted to do nothing but divide this country and he did just that. Black against white, Christian against Muslim, criminal against law enforcement, even to the point of hundreds of police officers getting ambushed and killed.

All the while, weak-kneed wishy washy, so-called ministers of the Gospel allowed that to happen without saying a word from the pulpit. Now why did they not say anything? Fear of losing their “job”, or fear of what others may think, or fear of reprisal? I really do not know, but I do know if the preachers of this country do not have a back bone and stand for the Truth, this country is doomed.

The Southern Baptist Convention has headed down a long slippery slope, supporting Muslims building a mosque in New Jersey, yes; Russell Moore did that all on his own. He did not speak for the conservatives of the Convention, he is a moderate, and he is not conservative at all. He is too proud to admit that he was wrong. Instead he uses “religious liberty” as his hiding place. He is not Biblical at all, what he did is contrary to Scripture totally!

Jesus would NEVER have supported the building of a place of worship for Baal, if you think He would have, you are a liberal. God abhors sin and false teaching, so He never would support them building a mosque, a place to recruit and train people to follow a FALSE religion. The Bible is clear on that, no doubt.

But you have some liberals who call themselves conservative (wolves in sheep’s clothing), who say that building a store that sells liquor is the same as building a mosque, WRONG! That is not a so-called “house of worship,” but I have had one liberal try and tell me that the two were the same. WOW! Any sane person with a bit of common sense can see the difference, but people grab at anything to try and support their opinion even when they are wrong.


People who believe the Word of God is True need to stand up and make their voices heard! Gods Word is perfect, it is our instruction manual for this life, and it is never right to twist it to say what we want it to say. God said what He meant and He means what He says.

Now these new liberal Calvinist millennials are taking the church that Jesus called out from the world to be His Bride straight down the slope of liberalism and sin. They are changing the Gospel to a feel-good message; they are giving sermonettes to a bunch of weak Christianettes. It seems that people want to hear what is pleasing to them, what makes them feel good about themselves. But God said to Timothy, preach the Word, be instant in season and out of season. Reprove rebuke and exhort with all longsuffering and DOCTRINE! For the time will come when they will not endure sound DOCTRINE! Well friends that time is here!

Some millennial “pastors” would hang out with their church folk smoking cigars and drinking a bit of liquor then preach the never changing Word of God, to preach against sin would be something new to many of them. Sin is why Christ had to die, sin is what we do when we do not obey God, Jesus died to pay the sin debt of the WORLD the Bible says, not just the select few.

Start sharing the Gospel with the lost, quit trying to just be a friend, they are going to hell without Jesus as their Savior! We need to be about telling people about Jesus and His Saving Grace! Let us quit playing church and start being the church!

More next time…

Pastor John